Catharina Clausen Photography and Imaging was founded in 2009 in Switzerland with the idea to act as a tool for scientists, organisations and companies to visually support the communication of their sustainability and conservation strategies.

Building up on studies in Ecology, Wildlife and Habitat Management, in 2011, services were enhanced by a special Master of Science study in Biological Photography and Imaging at the University of Nottingham and the new focus on visual communication was set.

Today, “CC Imaging” is working from Ludwigsburg (20 km North of Stuttgart, Germany) with improved skills in imaging techniques and a broad knowledge and network in photography and imaging, especially wildlife and habitat conservation and the documentation and communication of actual topics.

In a world of information overload, it becomes increasingly important to support messages (especially in conservation) based on often complex findings in a fast and effective way. Biological imaging such as in photography, video and other visual media transports them in a way that is touchable for everyone. Combined with a comprehensible text it is a powerful way to bring the message across.

It is therefore my…


  • use photography and imaging as a tool to visualize ideas and the emotions behind them,
  • to connect people with their environment by sharing vivid imaging experiences,
  • to inspire people to take action for the conservation of species and the natural environment